bain de soleil

Mme et M. has cultivated its own design world in the pool gardens and house terraces. Therefrom solutions have sprouted and found ideal locations in the reality of trendy boutique hotels and exotic beaches.


You could regard the products under the Mme et M. range, as our main collection. When developing this range the focus was on a minimalistic use of materials without compromising the overall quality and refinement of the design. A feature that has given the Mme et M. brand its worldwide appreciation.


Each product in the catalogue of Mme et M. can be customized for every project in regardless of proportions, personalization and colour.


Besides standard pieces from our catalogue, any bespoke shape, whether it is contemporary or timeless, can be made in our ateliers to satisfy the requirements and needs of both private clients and interior architects.


With pursuing a vision to give an exceptional added value to day-beds, we find our roots in taking an authentic approach that is strongly tied to hand-made tradition.


"Because the smallest joys generate the biggest smiles"


In the following pages you will find a collection of our existing and new designs. Each piece was handmade with pure beauty, function and your comfort in mind. We hope you enjoy using our products as much as we took pleasure in creating them.


The Mme et M. team and ateliers are based in Belgium where we are blessed with several seasons.


It is a beautiful place to come home to after traveling through the cosmopolitan centres of the world. It is a place where traditions persist and where people convey a special warmth and friendliness. For this range we collaborate with skilled craftsmen who take pride in their work. Many of the materials we use are sustainable and we strive to innovate the usage and extend the longevity of every design. The specialized handwork that goes into each piece allows us to keep our energy consumption to a minimal.


At Mme et M., we believe in the necessity of interacting with several weather conditions. We take our experience and connection with mother nature in all shapes very seriously. It is this feeling, of being part of the world, that we realize in our brand.


Great expanse, openness, lightness, familiarity with the elements and seasons, reminiscences, memories of people and places, comfortawe and wonder


These are all emotions that are evoked where we live. And it is these same emotions that we want to share through our designs.


"Aiming to capture 'des instants uniques'"


The pavilion is the newest addition to the range of Mme et M.. An extraordinary body of work emerged from the idea to provoke emotions and create little happy places for those who travel the world to find ‘La vie en rose’.


We aim to create a lifestyle that unites people and immerse them into a world of luxury living. Our creations are designed to illuminate unseen stories and fabricate the most memorable ‘instants uniques’.  


Robust elegance and high quality finishes define this superb design which is made to measure the needs of public areas and the sumptuous world of hospitality. You will find great functionality and simplicity to contribute the maximum comfort of wellness.


We conquer your mind with highlighting the pavilions robust build while, at the same time, delivering a fiercely and elegant masterpiece that will be an oasis of privacy and quiet for all those who enter.


Made to withstand the ferocious beauty of nature in all its conditions, this piece of art is a true sight to behold. A treasure that brings the perfect blend of beauty and convenience in an incomparable setting.


150x200x250 cm

Manufactured in Belgium


An inspirational oasis where you have a chance to experience a luxury living that brings you a little bit closer to heaven. The Pavilion is a beautiful and meticulously created design that values its high end quality. We aim to highlight its exclusive grand build with the most robust and durable materials while delivering a more natural and elegant result.


This design is enriched with powder coated side tables to provide each in maximum comfort and adds to a glorious piece of architecture.


Pavilion complete

Pavilion / Sunbed/ Roll 150 / 2 Cushions 60 / 2 tables / curtains
Pavilion 150x200x250 / Sunbed 150x200x30 / Roll 150x30 / 2 Cushions 60x60 / 2 Tables 30Ø / Curtains 8 pieces / Curtainsholder 4 pieces 
Pavilion Cadres 250x184 / Curtain Frame 216x166 / Sunbed Frame 150x200


Padouk is an African species of tropical hardwood. The high quality allows us to make wide frame segments out of one piece of wood. The colour and characteristics of the wood are similar to teak. Our suppliers have their own concession and guarantee to deliver only the best quality of Padouk hardwood, with a clear paper trail to guarantee sustainable entrepreneurship.

UV rays, rain and acid rain, fluctuating humidity levels, frost, extreme heat and so on…
Just like other types of wood, Padouk will gradually become rougher and start to turn grey as a consequence of exposure to the sun and rain.


End uses

  • High-class furniture
  • Exterior joinery
  • Decorated interior joinery
  • Boat building (decking & dockwork)


  • Natural durability: Very durable
  • Preservative treatment: Moderate
  • Lyctus susceptibility: No


80x200 cm

Manufactured in Belgium


This day-bed of the Mme et M. collection has a modest and simplified contour to stimulate all senses. Made from the robust material of teak the construction has a subtle and minimalistic profile.  All cushions and covers are extra comfortable and weather-resistant. It is up to you to define the finishing details such as colour.


The Mme et M. day-bed is a warm, chic and intriguing design. The perfect oasis to enjoy the sun and to let your imagination run free.

Lit simple complete

Frame / Sunbed/ Roll 80 / Cushion 60
Frame 80x200 / Sunbed 80x200x30 / Roll 80x30 / Cushion 60x60


120x200 cm

Manufactured in Belgium


Christal blue waters during daytime… A fairytale pool with blue accents, illuminated beautifully at night. The perfect setting for the double day-bed of the Mme et M. outdoor collection. The sunbed is characterized by its usage of Teakwood. The rustic lines that follow down from head to toe enhances the natural atmosphere of the design.


This double day-bed of the outdoor range is created and developed with the most care and attention to your comfort.  


Lit double complete

Frame / Sunbed/ Roll 120 / 2 Cushions 60
Frame 120x200 / Sunbed 120x200x30 / Roll 120x30 / 2 Cushions 60x60


150x200 cm

Manufactured in Belgium


The triple day-bed provides a surprising element with a minimalistic silhouette. Inspired by the French luxurious culture Mme et M. is characterized by its elegance and refinement. We enjoy using and mixing different noble materials.

Playing with cushions and the upholstered backrest the triple day-bed can be modulated from a sun bed into a lounger chair for three with only one simple movement.


Mme et M. is not just a collection of outdoor furniture… It is a lifestyle that unites and invites people to enjoy the beauty of life.

Lit triple complete

Frame / Sunbed/ Roll 150 / 2 Cushions 60
Frame 150x200 / Sunbed 150x200x30 / Roll 150x30 / 2 Cushions 60x60


by DryFoam


Custom pillows covered in Sunbrella fabric allow you to create elegant coordinating designs, adding a deeper level of sophistication with luxurious textures and colours. Coordinate your pillows to upholstered furniture. Sunbrella fabrics can be used both indoors and outdoors. Sunbrella fabrics are durable and stain resistant fabrics that are easy to clean. When spills or messes happen, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned quickly and easily so you can get back to living comfortably and worry-free. Design matters. Without great design, the spaces in our homes lack meaning and inspiration. The perfect combination of colour, texture and pattern not only adds beauty, but has the power to invigorate and rejuvenate. Living with great design and creating a beautiful custom interior are what Sunbrella® fabrics are all about. Fabulous collections with unparalleled performance that are both stunning enough for a formal piece of furniture and durable enough for the sofa you sink into at the end of the day.


Several sizes: relax cushion 60x17, 120x17, 150x17 / Sizes pillow: 60x60

Download: Care And Cleaning Tips

Customize your bain de soleil

Sunbrella fabrics

Sunbrella is still unparalleled in performance and continues to innovate with revolutionary products and trendsetting styles, from durable canvas awning fabrics to decorative jacquards and textures.


The perfect combination of color, texture and pattern not only adds beauty, but has the power to invigorate and rejuvenate.


Living with great design and creating a beautiful custom interior are what Sunbrella® fabrics are all about. Fabulous collections with unparalleled performance that are both stunning enough for a formal piece of furniture and durable enough for the sofa you sink into at the end of the day.

Stamskin Imitation fabrics

Stamskin Top is our range of faux leather fabrics. Easy to clean and offering excellent resistance over time, they are ideal for covering furniture for intensive use.


Stamskin composite fabrics make ideal covers for intensive use furniture and saddle work on boats.


Long-lasting colours, resistance to abrasion, clean ability, fire-resistance treatment, wide range of colours... Stamskin solutions fulfil the highest technical and aesthetic demands.


Each distinctive pattern in the Sunbrella Window Fabrics Collection is perfect for anyone in search of convenient, designer fabrics. Available in a 300cm format, this collection is ideal for indoor and outdoor curtains, pergolas and decorative architectural accents. Extra wide, it guarantees an aesthetically pleasing result while limiting the need for alterations and seams.


Sunbrella acrylic fibers bring many benefits to these applications especially in terms of water repellency, stain and fade resistance and also UV protection.


These fabrics with varied weights and levels of opacity create a unique atmosphere in each room of your home. All our products are designed to be mixed and matched, giving free rein to your imagination. Combine must-have fabrics with more whimsical designs to create new looks for each space.


The neutral, natural colours in the Natté and Velum ranges are perfect to pair with the richer, deeper hues of the new Smart and Mild ranges. An ideal solution if you’re looking to divide up a room or create a private space, curtains do more than block out the light.


Discover all colour options

Fittings and accessories

We deliver only premium quality in every detail of our collection.


Fittings and accessories are therefore wrought from the undeniable stainless steel and are powder coated to protect against all weathers and intensive usage. Stainless steel has the powerful ability to maintain its beauty throughout the years which guarantees the longevity of our designs and allows us to provide high end craftmanship that compliments a luxurious world of outdoor living.


We guarantee a durable design taking in account every joint, rail, bolt that form the powerful base of every creation.





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Raf Palmans (Managing Partner)



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